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  • Office & Enterprise

    Mike Holmes 03.02.2022

    Key considerations for Smart Buildings

    The push for office buildings to become ‘smarter’ poses several challenges for IT and facility managers on how to achieve that. This post looks at some of the main drivers that need to be taken into consideration when planning a Smart Building network infrastructure.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Jan Middeldorf 20.04.2021

    DICE rolls out for innovative digital ceiling solutions

    “DICE”, an innovative network switch designed specifically to form the heart of Digital Ceiling solutions, is the latest addition to Nexans’s LANactive Fiber-To-The-Office (FTTO) concept. The LANactive XGigaSwitch DICE, to give it its full name, is another major step in the development of our expanding product platform that supports high bandwidth (10G) and high power (PoE++) for smart building applications with flexible, future-proof IT network solutions.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Géraud DANZEL d'AUMONT 26.01.2021

    Keep up with network demands while meeting your sustainability goals

    As the number of devices, users, applications and networks continues to grow, so does the global carbon footprint. Which actions can you take to ensure you keep up with the network requirements of today and tomorrow while also doing your part to reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Wolfgang Beier 06.11.2020

    Building flexibility into your network concept

    An inflexible cabling system can actually lead to huge costs and extra effort further down the road. How can you ensure your structured cabling and network architecture will meet – unpredictable – future demands, without over-specifying and investing too much?

  • Office & Enterprise

    Jan Middeldorf 14.09.2020

    Is your LAN ready for BIoT?

    Cabling infrastructure for BIoT needs to support the bandwidth and power requirements of a wide variety of services and devices in different Locations. Learn how you get the most out of it.

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