Blog : Smart Connections

  • Data Centres

    Mike Connaughton, RCDD, CDCD 09.09.2019

    What does it cost to upgrade to 100G? And 400G?

    What’s the best path forward to 100 and 400G? What cabling choices should you make today so you can cost effectively migrate in the future? Is it better to use your existing cable plant, or start from scratch? Nexans can help you make those decisions with our Own the Link Calculator web tool, recently updated for 400G.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Jan Middeldorf 02.09.2019

    Powering FTTO while supporting end-user devices and future applications

    The Fibre To The Office (FTTO) concept offers many advantages in the area of flexibility, bandwidth and redundancy. However, when planning a network, we need to take far more aspects into account than these. Because today's LAN infrastructures increasingly serve as energy networks connecting an ever-increasing number of compatible devices, planning for efficient and safe power supply is becoming increasingly important.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Yves Debroyer 19.08.2019

    How data cables are made

    Nexans being the second largest cable manufacturer in the world we do know a thing or two on how to produce cables. One of our production facilities is located near the Belgian border in the French village of Fumay in the Ardennes region. Curious to see how data cables are produced? See for yourself!

  • Office & Enterprise

    Andreas Reckers 12.08.2019

    How will smart buildings help solve the challenges of today and tomorrow?

    The convergence of networks that comes with creating intelligent building networks means IT and facilities management teams need to work together in entirely new ways. FTTO can play a key role in meeting that demand, and facilitating the energy saving, efficiency-enhancing innovations of today and tomorrow.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Todd Harpel, RCDD 29.07.2019

    The benefits of Intelligent Buildings

    In a previous blog post we explained the difference between Intelligent or Smart Buildings and Building Automation systems. In this post we expand on some of the benefits that Intelligent Buildings can offer.

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