Blog : Smart Connections

  • Office & Enterprise

    Alexandra Nacken 23.11.2021

    All you need to know about future-ready LANs

    Which developments are affecting local area networks?

  • Telecom

    Arnaud Caudreliez 04.10.2021

    ISO 45001 certification – why does it matter?

    Between September 2020 and January 2021, three ISO 45001 audits were carried out at Nexans Interface telecom systems plant in Vrigne-aux-Bois, France. These audits looked at documentation, management processes, and finally a field evaluation. Only two minor deviations were identified, and, after corrective actions put in place, Nexans Interface became ISO 45001 certified. But what is ISO 45001 and why does it matter?

  • Telecom

    Julien Loterie 17.09.2021

    Taking micro-blown fibre cable to the next level

    There are different ways you can install micro-fibre cables outdoors in tubes. The preferred option is by blowing. Blowing or jetting offers numerous advantages and is widely adopted by operators worldwide to deploy high speed bandwidth to consumers.

  • Telecom

    Mathieu Brigot 19.07.2021

    How to keep FTTx street cabinets safe and operational?

    FTTx street cabinets lead a tough life. They are prone to damage from environmental and human nature. Their mission is to keep broadband services to end-users up and running. How can we keep these enclosures safe and access to its contents secure and monitored?

  • Office & Enterprise

    Didier Willems 05.07.2021

    How to limit the impact of high power PoE on cabling?

    In previous posts we established the importance of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Intelligent Buildings and expanded on the 4 PoE Types ratified by the international standards. This post will focus on the impact High Power PoE has on data cables and connectors and how to reduce its negative effects.

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