ISO 45001 certification – why does it matter?

Arnaud Caudreliez 04.10.2021

Between September 2020 and January 2021, three ISO 45001 audits were carried out at Nexans Interface telecom systems plant in Vrigne-aux-Bois, France. These audits looked at documentation, management processes, and finally a field evaluation. Only two minor deviations were identified, and, after corrective actions put in place, Nexans Interface became ISO 45001 certified. But what is ISO 45001 and why does it matter?

The ISO 45001 standard, issued by the International Organization for Standardization and published in 2018, defines precise requirements for occupational health and safety. ISO 45001 (health and safety), 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment) form a trio deployed through an Integrated Management System (IMS) that meets the requirements of these different areas. Its certification is valid for 3 years, in order to remain representative of the reality of the certified factory.

Nexans Telecom has a long history of implementing systems and processes to meet these requirements, with the close involvement of staff. Examples of this are as follows:
-  Presence of a Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commission (CSSCT),
-  A Safety Day is organized every year, like all Nexans plants worldwide
-  Risk analysis at each workstation using the JSA (Job Safety Analysis) method,
-  SUSA (Safe & UnSafe Act) cards to identify risky situations but also promote and recognize good practices,
-  BBS (Behaviour Based Security) method to facilitate safety through behaviour,

The health and safety of its employees is part of Nexans culture, so it seemed natural to apply for ISO 45001 certification.

In March 2020, the Vrigne-aux-Bois factory therefore launched the certification process. Due to the pandemic, the usual procedure could not be implemented so some steps were performed remotely, but the certification has now been awarded following the detailed and diligent study.

Why does it matter to you?

ISO 45001 certification is a voluntary process which Nexans is enthusiastically supporting to ensure the safety and welfare of our staff. But in addition it also helps to highlight continuous improvements in our processes so that our customers can be assured that our products are manufactured in a way that is both ethical and sustainable for the benefit of all concerned.

Über den Autor

Arnaud Caudreliez

With a background in science Arnaud started his Nexans career 25 years ago in the quality department of a fibre optic manufacturing plant. After 3 years he moved to the Paillart plant in France specialised in the production of low voltage cables. During 10 years Arnaud occupied various positions in the fields of quality, environment, safety and supply chain. Followed 7 years as QHSE manager at the copper mettallurgy site in Lens. In 2016 Arnaud joined Nexans Interface as QHSE & laboratory manager. As of April 2021 he moved to his current position as QSE Manager for Telecom Systems BU.

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