Why choose LANactive?

People & devices

As the number of end users and devices grows, more bandwidth is needed to support reliable high-speed Wireless LAN access. Converged applications such as access control, surveillance cameras and video conferencing are also driving demand for bandwidth as well as power.

"The number of power-hungry connected devices in public buildings will explode, driven by the Internet of Things. Digital infrastructure must be ready to accommodate this."

"High-speed and secure wireless is indispensible and even becoming ‘mission critical’ in more and more areas. Catering for such developments requires more data and power throughout the campus."

Building conditions

Most campuses consist of multiple large buildings with different functions where cabling requirements exceed copper’s 90-metre limit. Older buildings often have limited space for technical rooms or large cable bundles and require stringent fire safety protection.

"As digital technologies become more important in the operating theatre, availability is paramount. Downtime is simply not an option. LANactive allows for redundancy in each treatment area."

"Space-saving aspects make FTTO ideal for old university buildings. Smaller cable bundles, less hardware and absence of technical rooms free up valuable space and improve fire safety."


Requirements are driven by technologies such as IoT, cloud and increasing numbers of larger files. At the same time, every industry is facing a marked need to optimise IT resources.

"LANactive allows a single employee to manage thousands of ports using a single end-toend solution. The only training required is learning to work with one type of device."

"Building usage is likely to change over time. The number of people and devices may increase or decrease and new applications may be introduced. LANactive’s scalability enables a ‘Pay As You Grow’ approach."

Why Nexans?

Nexans Advanced Networking Solutions offers over 35 years of experience in research, development and production of Fibre To The Office (FTTO) switches and network design. All key components are designed and manufactured by Nexans in Germany to offer highest product quality and lifetime. 

Nexans “Made in Germany” IT-networking solutions have proven their reliability in countless projects with over 1 million user ports installed. As a market pioneer for Fibre To The Office Systems, Nexans has a strong R&D heritage based on the principal of close customer centric product development and supports customers through all stages of even the most complex projects with a dedicated support department. Nexans Advanced Networking Solutions is part of Nexans headquartered in Paris and listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment A with a main footprint on the European market. 

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