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FTTO is especially suitable for hospitals as it allows the creation of a digital infrastructure which is ready to connect more people and devices, adapt to building conditions in a cost-effective way and offer greater flexibility in managing and expanding the network.

As the number of end users and devices continues to rapidly and consistently grow, we also see the need for high-speed, reliable wireless access increasing.

Its space-saving aspects make FTTO highly suitable for old university buildings. Smaller cable bundles, less hardware and no need for technical rooms and related equipment not only help free up valuable space but also help improve fire safety.

In today’s healthcare environments, availability is paramount and downtime is simply not an option. FTTO allows for the creation of redundancy in each treatment area.

FTTO compared to traditional hospital networks

Up to 30% CAPEX savings

  • FTTO does away with the need for technical rooms, normally required every 90 metres.
  • Cabling requires far less space 
  • Reduced complexity for faster and easier rollout, maintenance and expansion.
  • Zero Touch’ configuration

Up to 35% OPEX savings

  • Regardless of size and complexity, FTTO networks can be managed from one location.
  • Less active and passive equipment means lower acquisition costs.

Up to 60% faster installation

Pre-term solutions and high-density optical fibre cables with extractable bundle technology decrease the effort required for installation whilst providing redundancy. Furthermore, Moves, Adds and Changes are easily implemented without interruption.

Up to 70% energy savings

  • No floor distributors and cooling elements are needed.
  • Switches consume just 0.5-1W.
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) ports consume power only when data is transferred. Switches feature PoE/PoE+.
  • Nexans Eco Mode dynamically accommodates the user´s actual needs.

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