Blog : Smart Connections

  • Industrial

    Alexandra Nacken May 20, 2019

    Are you thinking about network redundancy?

    Have you ever been at an airport and tried to find your gate number or flight schedule without the help of the airport’s digital monitors, website or the app on your smart phone? Chances are high you consulted all the above if you have been at London Gatwick airport last summer.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Rahul Rathod May 13, 2019

    AIM: luxury or necessity?

    Various reasons are given for not choosing AIM. Is the cost justifiable? How important is it really to manage cabling system once it has been installed? Can’t we simply rely on basic network management? Rahul Rathod weighs up the risks and costs introduced by poor management of cabling and connected devices

  • Office & Enterprise

    Marcel Reifenberg May 6, 2019

    Transforming Athens City Hall with Nexans Fibre To The Office (FTTO)

    Why Fibre To The Office (FTTO) is your go to infrastructure solution for old buildings!

  • Office & Enterprise

    Paul Vanderlaan Apr 24, 2019

    Will 5G herald the end of Wi-Fi?

    5G cellular technology makes great promises to compete with older Wi-Fi technologies. However Wi-Fi is also making advances. Paul Vanderlaan considers the pros & cons and predicts the likely impact for the underlying cabling infrastructure in an enterprise environment.

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