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    Rahul Rathod Mar 10, 2022

    Single Pair Ethernet in Smart Buildings

    Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a technology which is quickly gaining interest as a solution to support the large number of facilities management devices and sensors used in Smart Buildings. This post looks at the benefits a SPE network could bring, the standards developed, and Nexans’ view on how best to incorporate SPE into your cabling infrastructure.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Nancy De Clerck Feb 14, 2022

    Making Smart Choices? - choose the green option!

    In 2012 Nexans launched Eco-24 Box for our Category 6 unscreened and 6A screened connector range. In part to stick to our commitment to a sustainable future - but also to provide an economical and easy to install alternative for installers.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Mike Holmes Feb 3, 2022

    Key considerations for Smart Buildings

    The push for office buildings to become ‘smarter’ poses several challenges for IT and facility managers on how to achieve that. This post looks at some of the main drivers that need to be taken into consideration when planning a Smart Building network infrastructure.

  • Office & Enterprise

    Mike Holmes Jan 5, 2022

    Do Smart Buildings still have a future?

    The past two years has seen a major shift worldwide in the workplace. Many employees suddenly found themselves having to work from home, leaving a skeleton staff to man mostly empty offices. What are the consequences for Smart Buildings following this recent wave of furloughing and teleworking? Is the Smart Office doomed to disappear or does it still have a bright future ahead as many believed not so long ago?

  • Office & Enterprise

    Jan Middeldorf Dec 9, 2021

    What will new WAPs and networked devices mean for the LAN?

    How Fibre To the Office supports next-generation Wi-Fi and LAN device requirements

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