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Making Smart Choices? - choose the green option!

Nancy De Clerck Feb 14, 2022

In 2012 Nexans launched Eco-24 Box for our Category 6 unscreened and 6A screened connector range. In part to stick to our commitment to a sustainable future - but also to provide an economical and easy to install alternative for installers.

In the past years we’ve all become increasingly aware of the destructive force plastic waste has on the environment. According to 50% of plastic created is only used once and thrown away. Luckily, efforts by people, governments and organisations have started to reduce its consumption.

Nexans’ approach has always been to offer our customers choices to accommodate different requirements and preferences. Back in 2012 we already initiated a move to reduce single-use plastic by offering key products with the choice of plastic-free packaging. The  above featured launch video for the Eco-24 Box highlights the benefits, both from an environmental as well as a time- and cost-saving perspective for the installer.

We’re pleased to say that many installers have made the smart choice and switched to this Eco-24 packaging option – but many still choose the traditional approach… so with that in mind we thought we’d take this opportunity to promote some of the reasons why Eco-24 remains the ‘smart choice’.

Time is money

An installer working on a large cabling project may have hundreds if not thousands of cables to terminate onto RJ45 connectors. It’s both more convenient and faster therefore to have multiple connectors easily accessible and ready to terminate rather than individually packaged. There is also less waste to pick up and dispose of afterwards.

Eco-24 Box: 100% recyclable

Of course there is still waste that needs disposal, but with Eco-24 there is less of it and it’s 100% recyclable. Available in Category 6 unscreened and Category 6A screened each Eco-24 Box consists of a foldout cardboard box with a tray holding 24 connectors. Wire organisers come in a separate paper bag. Screened connectors will include two additional paper bags containing the rear EMC cover parts.

Committed to a sustainable future

Nexans is dedicated to a sustainable future, including an environmental commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030. We have an EcoVadis environmental rating of 90% and were awarded an EcoVadis Platinum Medal in December 2021 for achieving an overall score of 78%, putting us in the top 1%.

We are aware that as an industry we still have a long way to go. And as a manufacturer we have to keep a healthy balance between proposing new sustainable developments whilst meeting the existing demands and requests from our customers. In summary, the more demand we have from the market the easier it is to move forward – so help us to make the smart choices too!


LANmark-6 Eco-24 Category 6 unscreened snap-in connector - datasheet

LANmark-6A Eco-24 Category 6A screened snap-in connector - datasheet

2012 launch video - Nexans Eoo-24 Box

About the author

Nancy De Clerck

Nancy is a Product Manager at Nexans Cabling Solutions responsible for the Category 5e, 6 and 6A cable and connectivity portfolio. She acquired over 20 years of experience in both the commercial and technical fields of the LAN industry with a focus on the enterprise market.

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