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Launch LANsense AIM software

Mar 6, 2019

Nexans is releasing a new LANsense Software fully compatible with current LANsense Next Generation Analysers and all existing LANsense hardware. This software is a 64-Bit web based application. The database is accessible from a HTML 5 browser on any device. Being a thin client, it also runs over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi network on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. The software is available in English and capable of providing multi-language support per user in Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and more.

LANsense software offers following functionalities & features:

  • Graphical View: Real time graphical visualisation of your network infrastructure like racks, panels, switches, servers etc.
  • Circuit Connectivity: Real time end-to-end circuit connectivity from the switch end to the end device, along with the physical infrastructure
  • Floor Planner: An interactive tool used for documenting your end devices and locating them on the workfloor
  • Work Orders & Fault Management: A management tool used for maintenance, repair and operation related to your network infrastructure
  • Email Notification & Logs: LANsense detects changes related to physical activity in your network on selected events and notifies the user, thus providing an additional layer of security
  • Dashboards & reports: LANsense software gives a quick and simplified overview of the status our network infrastructure on the home page and generate reports

Why LANsense?

  • Guarantees 100% accurate up-to-date documentation of the physical layer
  • Improves network utilisation and enables accurate network capacity planning
  • Provides a virtual view of organisations network
  • Manages the connectivity of Moves, Adds and Changes
  • Reduces operational & maintenance costs and improves an organisation's efficiency
  • Improves the security and integrity of the network

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